When’s your birthday?  It’s an easy enough question, right?

Not for many of the children at St. PJ’s.

All too often the kids who come to St. PJ’s don’t know their birthday and they can’t remember ever having a birthday party, much less a present.

Recently, we asked Nathan*, one of our little boys what he wanted for his 10th birthday. Most boys his age would be asking for the latest video game console. What do you think he asked for?


That’s right. The only thing Nathan asked for was new pants.

Not joggers or skinny jeans.

Not Adidas or Abercrombie.

Nathan just wanted new pants. ¬†He didn‚Äôt think to ask for toys. He didn’t know he could ask for them.

Of course we asked him what he likes and as with most ten-year-old boys  superheroes topped the list. He also likes the classical Doctor Who.  Nathan didn’t know why we asked him this so imagine his surprise when in addition to new pants he also received a gift card for Barnes and Nobles and some Doctor Who toys.

And no birthday is complete without a cake and candles upon which to make a wish!  Thanks to an amazing volunteer group from CBRE, Nathan had a super Spidey cake (with light up eyes!) and is also now the proud owner of an Avengers action figure and a Marvel Heroes lunch box.

Birthday wishes cake editedEyes Light up on cake






Children might come to us with just the clothes on their backs, but when they leave, they have something more to call their own. St PJ’s gives many children their first birthday celebration and more memories to last a lifetime.

*Name and age changed to protect the child.