Frequently Asked Questions

How is St. PJ’s associated with the Archdiocese of San Antonio?

St. PJ’s is governed by an independent Governing Committee. The Catholic Charities President/CEO, former alumnus, and other community leaders provide strategic direction and oversight to the agency.

Does the Archdiocese fund the mission of St. PJ’s?

As one of the social services agencies under the Archdiocesan umbrella, the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal provides funding to the mission of St. PJ’s to break the cycle of abuse and neglect in the children that arrive at our home.

Is St. PJ’s an orphanage?

No. In 2016, St. PJ’s made the transition to a short-term emergency shelter for children from birth to 17 years of age who are victims of abuse and neglect and are under the protection of Child Protective Services or who are unaccompanied children from ages 6-17 years old.

Are children allowed to see their parents?

This varies according to the circumstances of a child being in our care. Parental visits are encouraged as part of a family action plan to reunite children with their parents when appropriate.

What is an average day in the life of a child?

A case manager begins with an assessment of needs for a therapeutic plan. While the first priority is to provide counseling and care in a safe and loving environment, the child is provided a “normal” life that includes routines, chores, meals, education, and even normalcy activities like going out to eat and going to a theater.

Do the children receive an education?

Yes. All of the children receive education. We partner with the University of Texas-Austin Charter School, an on-campus charter school, and our local school districts.

How long are children in the care of St. PJ’s?

St. PJ’s is a short-term emergency shelter for children from the ages of birth to 17 years old. Children in crisis are allowed to stay at St. PJ’s Children’s Home for 90 days although the average stay is approximately 53 days. When we receive larger sibling groups, the stay can be longer to properly assess the needs of the entire group in an effort to keep them together on their collective journey to healing. In the case of older children, they may opt to not be adopted at which time they become in the permanent conservatorship of CPS.

How are children prepared to “age out?”

St. PJ’s provides services while in our care preparing the older population for adult living. Staff work hard to promote driver’s education, college acceptance, job readiness, therapeutic services, and more to ensure happy, healthy, and productive adults in our community.

What other services are offered at St. PJ’s?

St. PJ’s provides family-oriented and mental health services beyond our campus. Family First Parenting Program provides counseling, education, resource referral, and material assistance to support individuals with children from 0-24 months. The Community Counseling program provides mental health assessment and counseling for children and adults with a specialty in healing psychological and emotional trauma. This program also provides in-home counseling for children and families. Finally, the Mental Health Task Force provides education for mental health professionals on mental diagnosis and treatment to help our community understand the impact of trauma on the children.

What is St. PJ’S Privacy Policy?

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