For many high school students prom is the last celebration with friends before they graduate. Your parents take pictures of you on the front lawn with your friends and then you go and dance the night away.

When you call St. PJ’s “home,” going to prom might be something you don’t think is an option because, as fun as the evening is, it can be expensive. But as home for so many kids, St. PJ’s staff does whatever we can to make sure no one misses out on the milestones of youth. This was true for one of our residents, John*.

John* asked to come back to St. PJ’s because he realized he wasn’t getting the support he needed to focus on the right things in life, like graduating high school.

You read that correctly. He asked to come back. John was originally placed with St. PJ’s and then reunited with family. He quickly realized that St. PJ’s was the place he needed to be if he was going to be successful in life.

“The only family that matters is my brothers and sisters and St. PJ’s,” he said.
“I knew St. PJ’s staff cared, so I came back to St. PJ’s to graduate.”Prom

Just like a mom or dad keeps tabs on the big stuff in life, our staff knew that as a high school senior, John probably had prom coming up. He said he did, but that he didn’t think he’d be able to go because everything can cost so much money.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right people for help. St. PJ’s is lucky to have the wonderful support of many in the community so we can make sure no one misses out on the opportunity to have these wonderful memories of their youth.

Thanks to the generosity of the Holy Trinity Parish and Rex’s Tuxedos, John, looked sharp in his first suit of any kind. And just like any high school senior, he was able to have a fun evening making memories with friends enjoying dinner and dancing.

*Name changed to protect the child