St. PJ‚Äôs is licensed by the State of Texas as a long-term facility able to accept placement of up to 38 children and youth, ages 5 to 17. Beyond meeting the basic needs of the children in our care, such as food and clothing, we provide a structured and therapeutic environment. While children are in our care, we are committed to providing them with every positive experience a parent would give their own child. Children can stay at the home until they complete high school. One of the unique characteristics of St. PJ’s is the number of sibling groups that call St. PJ‚Äôs “home,” due mainly to the broad age range served by the home. The average length of stay is 13 months.

Additionally, St. PJ’s Transitional Living Program provides specialized services for teens in order to ensure a successful transition to independence and adulthood.

Once it is determined that a child requires temporary out of home care due to parental neglect or abuse and is placed in the custody of the state, a child admitted into St. PJ’s long term residential program is provided with a supportive and stable environment until family problems are resolved or other permanency goals are met.

Upon admission, each child is assigned a case manager who ensures that the child’s basic needs are met via individualized, comprehensive service plans in a collaborative effort with St. PJ’s interdisciplinary team and other resources. These areas include, but are not limited to: medical, dental, educational, therapeutic, developmental, nutritional, social, recreational, emotional and spiritual needs. Additionally, each child is oriented to their dorm, caregivers, peers, daily schedule and routine and program expectations, as well as provided clothing, hygiene and any other personal items as needed on an ongoing basis.