Creating a Lasting Legacy

Norman and Letty Elder

Norman and Letty Elder

For Letty and Norman Elder, social responsibility has always been a pillar to their success. Letty, who retired from banking over 13 years ago, is an avid philanthropist for Catholic-based charities. Norman is a retired distributor and board member on the Catholic Community Foundation.

Letty was excited when Father Larry Christian approached her about joining the St. PJ’s Board.

“I knew that serving on St. PJ’s Board would be a good fit for me” said Letty, “I like helping children in need.” Letty quickly joined the finance committee and assisted with special events for St. PJ’s.

“God has blessed us, and we wanted to give back,” said the Elders. The Elders wanted to be good stewards of their money. When Letty and Norman began their estate planning, they wanted to make a legacy commitment to the children of St. PJ’s. In times of trouble, they want Bexar County children to always have a safe place.

The Elders established an endowment to benefit future generations of children needing help.

The Friends of St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home Endowment Fund creates a lasting legacy to which any donor can contribute through bequests or planned giving.

They chose the Catholic Community Foundation as the financial manager for their endowment gift.

Jeff Jung, Chief Operating Officer for the Catholic Community Foundation/Catholic Fraternity Fund worked with the Elders to establish the endowment.

“Norman and Leticia Elder’s establishment of The Friends of St. Peter – St. Joseph Children’s Home Endowment Fund will provide financial support for the children, the facilities, and the programs of St. PJ’s Children’s Home for generations to come,” said Jung. “They raised the mantle of leadership and good stewardship, challenging others to follow their lead in meeting the needs of St. PJ’s now and into the future.”

Any donor can contribute to the endowment in any amount and in many different ways. Some examples are cash, appreciated stocks, life insurance, transfer from an IRA, bequest in a will, etc. Jung suggests donors consult with their financial advisor or an estate planning attorney.

“The Catholic Community Foundation is known for being socially responsible with their investing,” said Letty. “I know their investments align with the Catholic Faith and my beliefs.”

The Elders chose St. PJ’s as the beneficiary of their generosity because of their commitment to heal the body, mind and spirit of each child who comes to the campus.

“Our endowment to St. PJ’s is a flexible instrument for them,” said Letty. ‚”It allows St. PJ’s to plan for their future.”

How can others donate to the Endowment? One of the easiest ways to make a contribution is to go on the Catholic Community Foundation website at and click on the “DONATE NOW” button, complete the form, and scroll to the bottom of the down to select “The Friends of St. Peter – St. Joseph Children’s Home Endowment Fund” as the ministry you wish to support.