Providing trauma-informed therapeutic care is critical to helping children who have suffered maltreatment at the hands of a trusted individual. At St. PJ’s, we utilize the best evidence-based trauma programs to help move each child on our campus through a healing process.

St. PJ’s Trauma Recovery Program assembles a full spectrum of evaluations and assessments in an urgent manner to develop a thorough treatment plan of innovative therapeutic interventions to help children reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, regain the ability to trust, and begin to heal from the traumatic experience of abuse and neglect. This comprehensive mental and physical evaluation process allows therapists to complete individualized treatment plans unique to each child’s developmental needs, identifying goals for each child to developmentally mature and overcome the brain impairment caused by abuse and neglect.

Individualized plans guide the daily care and therapeutic activities for the child, and are able to follow the child to future placement(s), be that a return to a restored family, foster family placement, or adoption. Each caregiver is required to take extensive training on implementing the child’s plan and corresponding activities. Therapists support the caregivers and track the child’s process. The goal is to ultimately improve placement stability and facilitate the healing process.