St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home, affectionately referred to as St. PJ’s Children’s Home, is a short-term emergency shelter for children in crisis. We strive to provide a safe and loving home to children facing challenges as a result of abuse and neglect.

Domestic Shelter

Short-term emergency shelter for children from birth to 17 years of age who are victims of abuse or neglect and are under the protection of Child Protective Services.

International Program

Thousands of unaccompanied children cross the border to the United States from Central America each year and are transferred to the custody of ORR. ORR promptly places these children in the least restrictive setting in the best interest of the child. St. PJ’s is an approved ORR shelter.

Licensed short-term emergency shelter providing services for up to 82 international children and youth ages 5 to 17. International children who reside at St. PJ’s are provided care in compliance with all regulatory agencies.

St. PJ’s also provides temporary foster care homes for international children ages 0 to 12 years old.

International Foster Care Program

Short-term foster care for unaccompanied children ages 0-12 years.

Family First Parenting Program

Counseling, education, resource referrals, and material assistance to support individuals with children ages 0-36 months.

Community Counseling

Mental health assessment and counseling for children and adults with a specialty in healing psychological and emotional trauma. Also provides in-home counseling for children and families.

Mental Health Task Force

Education for mental health professionals on mental diagnoses and treatment to help our community understand the impact of trauma on children.

St. PJ's Children's Home Partners